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            Coning PBS緩沖液 21-040-CV

            Coning PBS緩沖液 21-040-CV

            • 產品貨號:21-040-CV
            • 產品價格:¥65元/瓶
            • 產品規格:500ml/瓶
            • 瀏覽次數:432
            • 發布時間:2023-08-14
            • 產品概述

            Corning? Phosphate-Buffered Saline, 1X without calcium and magnesium, PH 7.4 ± 0.1

            (This is suggested replacement for 21-040-CVR.)

            Technical Advantage: Lower documented Endotoxin content than offerings from other major suppliers

            Phosphate buffered saline (PBS) is a buffer solution containing sodium chloride, sodium phosphate, and in some formulations potassium chloride and potassium phosphate. PBS helps to maintain a constant pH and is isotonic and non-toxic to cells. This formulation does not contain calcium and magnesium.

            • Complete Certificate of Analysis available for each production lot, along with full formulation information

            • Produced under the highest industry standards to ensure superior results. Corning media certificates are available on our Resource Library.


            Product Number  21-040-CV
            Qty./Pk  6 / Pk  
            Qty./Cs  6 / Cs  
            Brand  Corning?  
            Storage  2°C to 30°C 2°C to 30°C  

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